Allen Samuels is ‘Livin De Life’?

by Alice Magdziak • August 10, 2011 • Entertainment, MusicComments (0)1769 had a post today about Allen Samuels.  Supposed casino host (a what?) in Atlantic City by day and rapper named A. Samuels by night. Apparently this guy really loves hip hop.  Loves it so much that he released this rap video.


Is this the weirdest rap video ever made?  Does someone hold something/someone very dear to him and he was forced to create this video?  Why does he mouth the words whenever he’s in frame with someone saying how awesome he is?  Many questions…

Do I smell Top 40 hit?  Or is that the swamp you drive through on the way to AC?

A quick internet search comes up with exactly nothing about the real Allen Samuels.  Anybody THIS into himself would surely have his own website with something other than this video or at least a Facebook page (with something other than this video).  The only Facebook page that appears to be him was created yesterday.

Is his entire internet presence really just this video?

I don’t think that’s a swamp smell.  I think it’s a rat.

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