Don’t Play in the Street, Kids. Unless You Need Money For Your Team

by Ed Magdziak • August 21, 2011 • RantsComments (0)1859

I was out running my usual Sunday morning chores enjoying the quiet time before everyone wakes up and the day gets busy.   On no less than 3 busy intersections I was met by a familiar sight this time of year as school is about to start.  Young boys and girls in sports uniforms holding buckets and asking for money.  Do these kids really need to stand around at all 4 corners and dash out into the street when a light turns red?

Many times I’ve seen babbling parents on the sidewalk oblivious to their little athletes.  At one intersection this morning I saw a boy about 13 almost get hit as he was entering the intersection not realizing the other corner had a left turn arrow.  Yikes, a new football helmet is not worth it if you will be spending the season is a hospital.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have no problem helping my local youth teams out.  Kids should participate in sports.  It’s good exercise and teaches teamwork.  Uniforms and equipment are quite expensive and most schools do not have a lot of money.   Holding a car wash?  Sign me up!  Grab a sponge kids!  If you’re having a bake sale you can put me down for a pie and 6 cupcakes.  You have a table outside the Shop Rite?  Here’s a buck.  However don’t be surprised if I don’t roll down my window if I see you standing in the middle of traffic at the red light.

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