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We were headed down south one weekend and looking around for a quick lunch and Joe’s Poultry Farm kept coming up on Yelp.  “Why would we want to go to a poultry farm for lunch?” we kept saying.  Once reading the reviews, though, we knew it was something we had to try.

We were extremely relieved when we drove up and found an actual building and not a barn with chickens in the back. And, we were extremely relieved once we began eating because  we knew we hadn’t picked the wrong place for lunch.  This was some GOOD chicken.

We walked in and found a takeout counter and a rotisserie with some damn fine looking birds inside along with several coolers of side dishes and drinks.  We got two “half” chickens and a few sides. These were barely half chickens.  They were more like whole chickens with one breast missing.  They make lots of chicken salad so they must use one breast from every chicken for the salad after it’s roasted.

 Wow, was that chicken delicious.  I can still taste it.  The skin was roasted to perfection.  The meat was moist and falling off the bone.  In fact, we sat on one of the two picnic tables in the back yard of the restaurant and didn’t have proper utensils and we really could have used a plate with a fork and knife.  They know what they are doing with a chicken.  I want to go back right now.

For sides, we selected mac and cheese, potato salad and macaroni salad.  They were able to warm up the mac and cheese in the back for us.  It was creamy and definitely home-made.  Really good.

The macaroni and potato salads tasted homemade, too, with just the right amount of mayo and seasoning.  Yelp reviewers said that the potato salad is the best but we thought the macaroni salad was slightly better only because the pasta had a really good tooth to it and the potatoes were slightly overcooked for our taste.  Don’t worry, though, you won’t be disappointed if you get either of these salads. Both side dishes had bits of eggs in them which we really liked. You can see them best in the macaroni salad picture below.

Check out Joe’s Poultry Farm in Vineland and see what great food you can get from a local farm.  We sure wish we lived closer!

See the rest of the pictures from our visit below:

 Joe’s Poultry

440 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland



Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30 to 7pm (or until the chicken runs out)

Sunday, 11:30 to 6pm (or until the chicken runs out)

Closed Mondays

They don’t seem to have a web presence so here’s a link to their Yelp page.


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