Movie Review – Another Earth

by Donald Hanson • August 18, 2011 • Entertainment, Movie ReviewsComments (0)1535

 The premise of Another Earth is exactly what you think it is : Scientists discover another planet that is just like our Earth. This is an exciting idea of course as people wonder about what mysteries it holds and plan to go there. The main character is Rhoda Williams, played by Brit Marling. She is fascinated by Astronomy and space travel and is extremely interested in the new planet. Soon after the planet is discovered, a tragedy occurs and her life is turned upside down. This movie is really a drama framed by a science fiction backdrop.

Rhoda is responsible for the tragedy and goes about trying to take responsibility for it with unexpected results. Along the way, she see a contest for a seat on the first trip to the new planet and she decides to enter by writing an essay. This movie is about how tragedy and the aftermath changes people’s lives forever. William Mapother plays John Burroughs, the man affected most by her actions. The movie centers around the 2 of them. Both actors are amazing and totally believable in their roles. The structure of the film is such that it could be a stage play. It is all about dialogue and acting. The subject matter and tone of this film is very heavy. Do not go see this movie if you are in a light-hearted happy mood unless you want that mood to be quickly crushed.

Don’t put too much thought into the ramifications of another earth being so close to us either. If you do, you will quickly realize the serious problems it would cause as it seems to get ever closer as the movie progresses. The logic behind the existence of Earth 2 as they call it is weak at best, but I remember a TV movie from awhile ago that used the same idea. It does look very cool though. The filmmakers have crafted a clever story that makes the idea work in the trappings of a low budget independent movie. This movie is about tragedy and loss as well as second chances and what might have been if your life had taken a different path.

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