Who’s Got the Best Flood Coverage?

by Alice Magdziak • August 29, 2011 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1553

I’m sure there are a lot of people just like us who are searching around for information on different towns in NJ and how they’re faring in the river flooding.  I thought I’d share my list of favorite links to sites that I think are doing a great job with coverage.  I also included some fun articles to break up the monotony and bad news.  Enjoy!

Picture of the Collapse on the 287 at the Rockaway River

First up:  Video of the NJ National Guard nearing driving through one of the biggest puddles I’ve ever seen.

Go to the officials first, right?  New Jersey’s state website has lots of news and links to important information.

Next: NJ.com always has great coverage of the big news events in New Jersey but their Irene coverage is really stellar.

More specifically: This article on road closures, listed by county.

Looking for a map?  511NJ.org is NJDOT’s official website and they have very good information on road closures in a very handy map format.

As you can imagine, Twitter was abuzz with Hurricane Irene tweets: Check out what’s still being said on Twitter.

Like flooding videos?  Try out Bing’s search results for Irene flooding.

You’re probably aware of Weather.com.  But have you checked out Weather Underground?  It’s much more rich with data and way cooler.

Of course, you can politicize any event:  PolitickerNJ.com has good information on the government’s response to Irene.

The NY Times has a blog post that brings home just how destructive the hurricane really was:  Who’s saying that it was a let down??


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