Is There a Hot Dog Heaven? It Might Be in Elizabeth

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We’ve been going to hot dog places all over New Jersey both for the August Hot Dog Tours and also just because we love hot dogs. I’d read quite a few times about Elizabeth and its Second Avenue, home to two of the best places around.  One specializes in Italian hot dogs and one in Texas wiener-style dogs.  Both were worth the trip to Elizabeth.

We stopped at Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters first simply because they were on the corner and there was a parking spot right in front.  Jerry’s has a Texas wiener kind of menu.  Fries, chili dogs, etc.  The hot dogs had a really snappy casing and had the little ties on the end that I like.  I don’t know why I like to see those little twirled up skins.  Maybe it says it’s going to be a good dog? Maybe I just like casing?  The buns were nice and fresh and the chili was dark and not too spicy.  I usually like a spicier chili but this had a little something special besides spice that really made for a good chew.

Next up, Tommy’s Italian Sausage two doors down.  The accountant that’s in between the two hot dog stands must really like hot dogs!

We ordered up the Italian hot dog and a cup of potatoes.  I’m not a huge fan of the Italian hot dog so I let Ed drive this one.

An Italian hot dog on it’s own is pretty decent.  What I got at Tommy’s was the combo of hot dog and Italian sausage in one sandwich.  The dog was tasty and had a good snap.  The wonderfully spicy sausage made this extra special. The pizza bread was very fresh.  It was loaded with potatoes, onions and peppers.  It was delicious if slightly messy.  I also ordered the “Potatoes in a Cup”.  These we great but overkill.  Talk about carbo loading!

So, if you’re in the area and you can’t decide whether you want chili dogs or Italian hot dogs, get both!  Head on down to Second Avenue in Elizabeth.

Check out the rest of our pictures here:

Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters

906 2nd Ave., Elizabeth


Tommy’s Italian Sausage

900 N. Second Ave., Elizabeth

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