New Jersey Among States Who Express Interest in Opting Out of No Child Left Behind

by Alice Magdziak • September 30, 2011 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1482

It was a flawed system to begin with but President Bush went with it anyway. Houston schools were the first to try it and were the model for the national plan and Houston schools were and still are failing miserably at teaching kids.  Whatever the reasons Bush put the plan into effect, President Obama is planning on allowing states to opt out of the plan now.


President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan

In an article today, New Jersey is included in the list of states who’ve stated that they’d be interested in opting out.  I only know a little about it and I only know what the state of the schools are by hearing from friends and family with kids in school.  But, what I do know is that No Child Left Behind is bankrupting schools and forcing states to pay for “teaching toward the test” rather than being able to pay for art, industrial arts and music teachers, librarians and other (so-called) “non-essential” school employees.

Without art, music and the librarians in my school I would have been miserable and certainly wouldn’t have been as inspired to go to school as I once was.

I have seen the ridiculous amounts of vocabulary words little kids are tested on so that they can do well on a test.  Is that really helping them succeed in life?  Who knows… but I do know that music and art and books helped me and if opting out of No Child Left Behind will bring those people back to schools then I’m all for it.

What do you think?

Read more here:  States line up to ditch No Child Left Behind – Education Nation –

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