MTV’s Good Vibes – Interviews with the Creators and Cast & New York Comic Con Panel Video

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Good Vibes is a brand new animated show that will premiere on October 27th at 10:30 pm following the new Beavis and Butt-head. The show is about a teenage boy, Mondo and his mother, Babs moving from Bayonne, New Jersey to the fictional Southern California beach town of Playa Del Toro for a fresh start. Woodie, a local outcast takes Mondo under his wing on a mission to surf the biggest waves, crash the wildest parties and chase the prettiest girls in a town where bikinis rule and the vibe is an endless summer. The first episode has a few references to New Jersey relating to the character of Mondo.

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The show features an all-star cast including Adam Brody, Josh Gad, Debi Mazar, Olivia Thirlby, Alan Tudyk, Danny McBride, Jake Busey and Tony Hale. Besides the amazing cast, what really struck me about the show is what it gets away with. This is a bold show, not scared of diving head first into tackling its subject matter. It is really nice to see a show fully execute on it’s premise and push the envelope. I think Debi Mazar summed it up well when she said ” Some of the things they write make me blush”. But shock value alone doesn’t make a good show.

What really makes this show work are 2 things : 1. The controversial subject matter is handled by smart writers that know how to make it witty and give it some depth. 2. The show really has heart with the “bromance” between Woodie and Mondo. Their various relationships with Babs, Jeena and the rest of the colorful and unique characters round out the show.

Cast members and Creators of the show were on hand at the New York Comic Con for a Panel Discussion moderated by Gary Dell’Abate of Howard Stern fame. It was really impressive to see a celebrity himself as the moderator of the discussion. I have to say Gary was an excellent moderator asking great questions including many that were on my list.  The cast has a great attitude and sense of humor and I wish them the best of luck with this new show.

Here are some video clips of the Panel and Round-table interviews:

The 2011 New York Comic Con Good Vibes Panel:

Adam Brody and Josh Gad Round-table interview:

Creator David Gordon Green and Olivia Thirlby Round-table interview:

Debi Mazar Round-table interview

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