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We recently went to Bridgewater to try Thai Kitchen.  Unfortunately, we sat at a very dark table and didn’t realize it until the food arrived so our pictures aren’t too great.  However, the food WAS great, so we’re still going to tell you about it.  The restaurant is in a nice strip mall, as far as strip malls go.  Lots of parking, other restaurants and stores open around it so plenty of people around.

As I mentioned, the restaurant was pretty dark inside.  However, if you look at the Yelp reviews, you can see that during the day the restaurant is much brighter.  So, if you have a hard time reading the menu in low lighting, I recommend you go when the sun is out.  The highlight of the dining room is the large fish tank in the corner.  They have some really large fish in there and it’s nice and clean.  Unfortunately, when we were there a large party was sitting right in front of the tank so I couldn’t covertly get a snapshot of the fish without getting the people in the picture.  So, you’ll have to go to see the nice ambiance and aquatic life.

We started out with two appetizers. We started out with the curry puffs.  They were really crunchy and filled with spicy potatoes and veggies.  Kind of like Indian samosas, these were excellent. Next, we tried the Thai egg rolls which were a little too well done for my taste but still crispy and tasty.  The dipping sauce was nice and sweet to mask some of the overcooked wrapper for me.

When our entrees arrived, the show really got started.

I got Pad See Eue which is stir fried rice noodles with chinese broccoli and soy sauce.  I love this dish.  The noodles are very large and a little crispy on the edges from the stir fry.  Then the sauce is pretty sweet and a little salty to go with the crisp broccoli and baby corn.

Unfortunately, this is the picture that came out the worst. If you go, don’t expect to get something this dark.  The noodles are actually pretty light.

We also got Gang Dang with chicken which was a Red Curry sauce and coconut milk with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, onions, lime leaves and basil leaves. We ordered it hot and it was delivered.  Wow, was that hot.  Perfect, really.  Fire hot along with creamy is just so Thai and so good.  Mmmm, just writing this makes me want to go back.

So, if you’re in the Bridgewater area and want to grab some Thai, we suggest checking out Thai Kitchen I.

Check out all our dark and badly taken pictures from that night.  Hopefully, we’ll make it back soon and get some better pictures!

Thai Kitchen I

1351 Prince Roger Ave., Bridgewater

(908) 231-8822


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