Upcoming Event – New York Comic Con – October 13-16 2011

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For a number of years, cities in other parts of the country had the serious comic cons like San Diego and Chicago. The closest one to our area was Philadelphia but New York was avoided like the plague. Maybe it’s because the Javits center is in a strange location that is not near a hotel or places to eat or any stores for that matter. Finally a few years ago the first comic con was done there and it was a smashing success, so much so that people were coming from miles around and it was ridiculously crowded. One of the reasons for that was that it was relegated to a small lower level area rather than the main event floor. So the second year the show was given it’s proper place with plenty of room.  Since then it has been a large scale show with guests from movies and television, discussion panels and autograph signings with them, elaborate booths from major comic book, movie, video games, toys, cards, and more as well as the largest comic book dealers in the area selling all kinds of merchandise.

From New Jersey, its a cinch to get there. Just take the Weehawken Port Imperial ferry across the Hudson River to the 38th Street Terminal and you will be right across the street from the back of the Javits Center. You can also take the PATH Train or drive in but the ferry is my preferred way and I think the best. The show is 3-4 days depending on the ticket you purchase. There is more than enough stuff to cover the full 4 day maximum. Here is part of the guest list to give you an example of the people that will be there.


Featured Guest

 Click here for a complete list of guests for the New York Comic Con

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