Vintage Computer Museum in NJ Displays Some of Steve Jobs’ Earliest Work

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder, chairman, CEO and  visionary leader of Apple Computers has passed away. Over the years, his sense of what a computer should be and how technology should advance gave Apple it’s uniqueness among computers and technology in general. The beauty of Apple is in the use of the products. A couple of his objectives have been high quality, user-friendly interface & style.

For instance unlike IBM, Apple never allowed other companies to make clones. This allowed Apple to maintain quality control and present a concise and organized family of products but limited their market share.

And Apple’s innovation and forward thinking introduced new products and technology as other companies took the easy way out of just copycatting after the fact.

The Vintage Computer Museum at the InfoAge Science Center has a variety of computers on display including early Apple home computers such as the Apple II. The Apple II stood out from other computers of the day in operation and in style.

The InfoAge Science Center is a non-profit organization located at Camp Evans, NJ in Wall Township

The museum is open most Sundays from 1pm – 5pm and other times by appointment

Article and video from News12 New Jersey

 InfoAge Science Center website

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