Movie Review – The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part I

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I went to see the first two Twilight movies because someone else wanted to go. Once I had seen the first two, I figured that I needed to see the rest so now I have seen all four. My feelings when going to the first film was that is was going to be some kind of torture. I braced myself for excessive corniness, melodrama and the general tone that I expected from a movie based on a series of books aimed at teenage girls.


As it turned out, the movies have not been nearly as bad as I expected. I didn’t cringe anywhere near as much as I expected to. Although the third film had some stuff that annoyed me, I still thought that it was a good movie overall. The same could be said of all 4 movies in the series. They all have solid acting, directing and storytelling. Interesting characters and story take priority over the melodramatic tone. And all of the movies have a good sense of humor and self-aware characters. See my reivew of the previous film in the series The Twilight Saga : Eclipse here.


One thing I would like to comment on is how this series and other television and movies recently have changed the rules about vampires. All characters have strengths and weaknesses. The upside of being a vampire is that you can live forever and have special abilities. The downsides are that you have to drink blood and kill people to survive and you will die if exposed to sunlight. This means that to balance out the monumental positive of living forever, you are under the constant pressure that you must find a place to stay all day so that you are protected from sunlight. That means that every day of your life you have the threat of being killed.


In the Twilight movies of course, the Vampires can come out in the sunlight and the worst thing that happens is that they glisten like someone covered their body in glitter. Now I understand that the vampires in this series as well as the TV show Being Human among other movies and tv shows have to come out into the sunlight because it opens up story ideas that would otherwise be impossible to explore. That doesn’t excuse that now being a vampire just became a lot easier. It makes the characters unbalanced. Think about it like this : What if some writer took over the Superman character and decided that he is not vulnerable to Kryptonite. That would take away his only weakness but still leave him with all of his strengths. That would make for a seriously boring character.


If you are going to say that vampires can come out in the sunlight and survive, then you are taking away their only achilles heel. It wrecks the balance of their character. If you take away the danger of being killed by sunlight, then you need to add another negative to replace it. The new vampire’s life is like a walk in the park. Without the danger, the characters become more bland. It is okay to change the rules and a writer should be able to design characters however they wish but a balance must always be struck or you run the danger of making the characters and story less interesting.





If you liked are a fan of the other movies, then you will like this one and if you aren’t then it probably isn’t for you. One thing that surprised me about this installment was the most gruesome child births I have ever seen. It was like something out of a Saw film and I mean that in a good way.


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  1. While the Twilight movies are technically fantasy romance films, they’ve got vampires and werewolves. With them, there’s always plenty of action except for in this film. There is only one fight between the bloodsuckers and the night howlers at the end of the film, and this little squabble is not worth the price of admission. This lack of action highlights two big issues with the film. Director Bill Condon has become too reliant on the story in this flick, and the final story should have never been stretched out to two films. For more of my thoughts on Breaking Dawn, check out my review on Sobriety Test Movie Reviews at

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