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Welcome to our series called Shop Local, NJ!  We’re planning on doing all our holiday shopping locally this year and we’re taking you with us.  On a beautiful Black Friday autumn morning, we strolled through Watchung Plaza in Montclair.  Check out what we found.

Watchung Booksellers was our first stop.  If you shop at Barnes & Noble and leave the store feeling like you have no idea what to pick out, you need to head over to your local bookstore.  The staff at Watchung Booksellers know what they sell and know what people like for gifts.  We actually picked up quite a few gifts here. They have an awesome children’s section in the back of the store, a cool travel section with local and global books side by side. Cool, quirky gifts for the readers and game lovers on your list can be found here.  And, if you don’t see it on their shelves, they are willing to find anything you want and order it.  They also have lots of cool author events and book club-type meetings.  It’s a great bookstore that you should check out for holiday gifts as well as gifts for yourself!

There’s also Piazza Della Sole next door for the shoe fanatic in your life.

Watchung Booksellers and Piazza Della Sole on the Plaza

Next we stopped in at Lili Meili and Beau, a cute children’s boutique, where we also bought some really cool gifts.  They have toys, clothes and decorative items for your littlest gift recipients.  Everyone else is going to buy those little ones the brand name stuff from the big box stores.  Go buy them something really special that will last a long time because it’s made with quality.  You’ll find those special items here. An added bonus here…  they gift wrap for free!

Gifts galore in Lili Meili and Beau

Toys and books at Lili Meili and Beau

We turned the corner out of the plaza and onto Watchung Avenue and walked past lots of places to eat.  Sushi, delis and Italian restaurants all in a row were very inviting but a little too early for us today.

Lots of places for lunch and relaxing while shopping Watchung Plaza

We headed on down to Watchung Plaza Home next.  They have gifts from all over the world for the person who has everything.  Bet they don’t have an adorable Danish fabric mouse who lives in a matchbox!  And, they also don’t have French pastries tucked into a Japanese reusable tote bag.  Or, beautiful Israeli jewelry.  How about hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments?  Yes, this store has it all.

Christmas ornaments and much, much more at Watchung Plaza Home

Cocktail napkins arranged by town name at Watchung Plaza Home

After visiting the personable ladies at Watchung Plaza Home, we walked across the street and visited a store that I’ve always wanted to stop in. I’ve Got a Notion is the best name for a quilting and sewing shop I’ve ever heard.  If you have a seamstress or a crafter in your family, you can let the owners pick out a gift basket assortment of items from their chock-full store or you can get a gift certificate to allow your giftee to choose her own gifts.  They also sell sewing machines and sergers if you’re in the market for a new machine.

I’ve Got a Notion that the family member who sews will love this store

Check out the rest of our pictures from our Saturday morning shopping trip to Watchung Plaza.  And, Shop Local, NJ!

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