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A Classic w/cheese with an extra patty, Smashfries and a Fountain Drink.

The high-tech menu screen

Anyone familiar with our Editor’s Roundtable 3 best burgers article knows that Smashburger is the only burger to make all of our lists. I like to periodically re-visit my favorites while at the same time trying new burgers to make sure that my choices live up to their place on my lists as well as to make sure that they are consistently great. When I got the chance to go to the Paramus Smashburger Sneak Peek, I jumped at the opportunity.

Paramus Smashburger Storefront

I have to say I am never disappointed when I go to Smashburger. Every time I go I feel more and more confident that it is the best burger that I have ever had.  Period. And this time was no exception. What makes the burger work for me is the salty and juicy taste of the meat. I am always amazed at how powerful the taste is compared to other burgers. The egg bun adds to the burger’s flavor and uniqueness. There are a few choices when it comes to sides. I like the Smashfries. They have just the right amount of rosemary, olive oil and garlic seasoning and have that nice touch of being crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I finished up the meal with a Vanilla Milkshake which was like drinking really great Ice Cream.

A Special Smashburger : a Double Classic w/cheese


Vanilla Milkshake

What stood out to me about this experience at Smashburger was the unique burger I wound up with. I approached the counter to place my order with one of the always friendly and helpful Smashburger employees. When you order a burger at Smashburger you choose from a variety of styles with different toppings or you can choose to build your own. But the one choice you have to make in all cases is the size of the meat. You don’t choose between a single or double. Instead it is like Fuddruckers where you choose how large the meat patty is. In the case of Smashburger, you can choose the regular or the big smash. I always choose the big smash but in the case of this Sneak Peek, the big smash was not available. In an unprecedented move, the accomodating cashier came up with the idea of making me a double regular burger. This is not a regular menu item and wound up being the biggest double cheeseburger I have ever seen! (see above)

Smashburger Drinks

Yudith, one of the friendly and helpful Smashburger employees.

I asked one of the servers if the double cheeseburger I had created with the help of the renegade cashier was an item I could get under normal circumstances. They told me what I expected to hear which is that a double cheeseburger is not a menu item. When I got home, I noticed on the receipt that there was a line that said Add REG Patty. This makes me think that it is totally doable since there is an actual code built into the register for it. My advice is, if you are hungry enough and think you can handle it, see if you can order an additional regular patty on your regular burger. But don’t tell them I said to do it. Just say you were wondering if it was available.

Smashburger Dining Room

Their menu is extensive, including Hot Dogs, Salads and more. You can see the Paramus Smashburger menu here.

The new Smashburger in Paramus is located near the Paramus Park Mall. The address is 556 Route 17, Paramus NJ.


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