Your Donations on Their Way to Feed the Poor in NJ

by Alice Magdziak • November 23, 2011 • HolidayComments (0)1464

My day job sets aside some time for all their employees to do some volunteer work.  I love that about my job.  I chose to do food deliveries for the local food pantry.  I enjoy doing it every week but this week was especially nice because I delivered complete turkey dinners to all my regular “customers.”  It’s obvious in their faces that they appreciate the food every week but this delivery was slightly more special because of the amount of food I brought each family.

Obviously, I can’t get into the details of my deliveries due to privacy concerns for my families.  But, I figured it’d be OK for me to take a picture of my carload of food. If you’ve ever given to the FoodBank or a local food pantry, then you can see your donations at work in this picture.

I saw bags and bags of stuffing, turkeys, carrots, sweet potatoes and many other kinds of holiday food in the Food Pantry yesterday waiting for delivery people.  It was heart-warming to see how much people still care when the economy is knocking around almost everybody lately.

So, on behalf of my families who get my deliveries every week, thanks for your help this year!


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