Big John’s Cheese Steaks and More, Cherry Hill – Review

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Big John’s Cheese Steaks and More purports to be one of the best cheese steaks in South Jersey.  Their menu says they’ve been voted Best of Philly (despite being across the Delaware in Cherry Hill) many times.  We agree, it’s one of the best we’ve tried! Really fresh rolls, finely chopped and a little crispy meat, melty provolone along with onion, peppers and mushrooms made up my sandwich.  This is the way cheese steak should be for me.  Lots of meat and lots of toppings.  Others don’t agree.  Keep reading to see what another of our editors thinks the perfect cheese steak is.

The first thing you see when you walk in the casual restaurant is the giant pickle bar.  If you like pickles, you’ll like what you see. However, for the non-pickle people, the smell of all those pickled food items can be a little overwhelming.  We chose to sit in the back away from the pickle haven.

One of your YDKJ editors is a BIG cheese steak fan and he prefers the classic meat and cheese only sandwich. He doesn’t take anything lightly, either, so when he likes something he does a lot of research on it.  And, yes, he’s done research on cheese steaks.  He says that the original “Philly cheese steak” places didn’t have toppings and always had finely chopped meat and provolone only.  So, he was very pleased with this menu because they had the “original” cheese steak labeled as such.

Along with our various types of cheese steak combination sandwiches, we also tried the fries and onion rings which were good but not terribly memorable.  Just a nice accompaniment to those really great sandwiches.  They also have lots of salads, hoagies, Italian dishes and fountain-style sodas on their menu.  This is a great casual restaurant for the whole family.

If you’re in Cherry Hill and want some really good cheese steaks but don’t want to cross the bridge into Philly, we recommend Big John’s Cheese Steaks and More.

Check out all our pictures from our visit to Big John’s Cheese Steaks and More:

Big John’s Cheese Steaks and More

1800 East Route 70, Cherry Hill



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