Deepwater Diner, Penns Grove – Review

by Alice Magdziak • December 16, 2011 • Dinerland, Food, SalemComments (0)2288

Everything seemed to be closed when we were looking for dinner around 9:00 on a Saturday night in Salem.  Luckily, we found the Deepwater Diner in Penns Grove.  A step back to the good old days of diners! Open 24 hours, pages and pages of all-day breakfast along with fried and grilled food, waitresses that seem like their straight out of a dime novel and atmosphere like a film noir movie.

Now, unfortunately, we didn’t have the right camera equipment to get good pictures of the co-generation plant across the street.  You simply must go at night to get the full ambiance this thing gives the Deepwater Diner.  There are lots of gas vents that are on fire and the whole area is bathed in a blue glowing light which makes you feel like you’re either in a creepy movie or on Venus.  It’s also got a hissing noise that drowns out any normal sounds so the whole place is just ethereal.  Besides not having the right equipment, it’s probably best we didn’t get a lot of pictures.  We might have been arrested now that you can’t take pictures of that kind of stuff anymore without police or security noticing it.

The food we got was just as you’d expect.  Lots of browned, fried food with breading and rolls.  But, hey, sometimes you need fried comfort food.  Especially when there’s nothing else open at 9:00 on a Saturday night.

Chicken fingers were very crispy and with a good amount of tender chicken inside.  Grilled cheese was well-toasted and had plenty of cheese. Burgers were juicy and large.  What else could you ask for?

Check out the pictures from our fried feast in Penns Grove below:

Deepwater Diner

455 Shell Rd, Penns Grove

(856) 299-141


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