Movie Review – Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol

by Donald Hanson • December 21, 2011 • Entertainment, Movie ReviewsComments (0)2261

Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol is the fourth movie in a franchise that began in 1996. Tom Cruise returns with a new team of agents and due to some extreme circumstances, they have to work with a minimal amount of support. Personally, I didn’t see the need for another Mission Impossible movie but I decided to take a chance on it knowing that some scenes are actually shot in IMAX unlike a lot of other movies shown on IMAX screens, and I would get the added bonus of seeing the prologue for Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie.

Take it from someone who is not a fan of the Mission Impossible series, this is a really good movie. It has a sense of urgency and electric energy from beginning to end. There have been so many action movies in recent years that are full of special effects but lifeless. This movie has true edge of your seat thrills and multiple stunt sequences that can hold their own against the very best of the James Bond movies.

This is Tom Cruise’s film but the other 3 leads in his team are not short changed. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best acting ensemble cast of any of the Mission movies. Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg each have fully fleshed out characters with interesting personalities, good dialogue and back stories that build good dynamics, drama and tension between each other as well as some of the other characters in the movie. They kept me interested and made me care about what was going on.

The story makes sense and is easy to follow, which is more than I can say of previous Mission movies. And the Director Brad Bird does a great job with the drama, the action, and the humor and all 3 work. There is a great tone set with a rag-tag team of agents working with a shoe-string budget trying to prevent literally the end of the world. This movie takes that concept and pushes it to the limit. It is a knock down drag out battle to the end and the great cast takes you along for the ride.

You HAVE to see this movie in IMAX and if possible on an industrial strength IMAX screen, not one of those digital ones. The entire movie is just amazing to look at with great cinematography, but the scenes that were shot in IMAX are not just a visual experience but one of sound and fury as well. There were at least a couple of scenes where I could feel my seat shaking and the music go right through me. This film shows just what can be accomplished with state of the art film-making today.

When the movie was over I felt that I more than got my money’s worth, but my thoughts went right to wishing that there could be a sequel to this movie as soon as possible. Of course, that probably won’t happen as the time table between the movies has been 4 to 6 years each. I would go enjoy this movie in IMAX because I can’t tell you when there will be another one like it.

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