Running Out of Time for that Perfect Gift? Still Time to Buy That New Car

by Ed Magdziak • December 19, 2011 • RantsComments (0)1901

Not sure you picked up that perfect gift for that special someone and have a spare $36,000 laying around?  You can still get a shiny new car!  Every Christmastime we get all these commercials.  You know the ones because they are always the same.  A perfect, young looking family in an immaculate house.  Usually they have 2 chipper offspring bursting with excitement at the surprise about to be sprung on the unsuspecting parent.  It’s so perfectly exciting!  Now excuse me while I throw up.

They seem to get worse every year.  Aren’t a lot of people struggling this season?  Time Magazine named “The Protester” as their Person of the Year with the “Occupy” movements all around the world.  I don’t think many of them are driving new wheels.  They are all bad but Lexus has perfected their particularly noxious ad this year.  Every time one of these ads come on and I hear that awful jingle I cringe and hit the mute button.  The stupid mom playing Guitar Hero to the jingle.  Ugh.  Or the couple in the elevator.  Are you kidding me?  How did that woman possibly change the music playing in there?  Oh right, these are magic people.

At least Honda has a sense of humor about it.


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