Week 14 – Jets, Giants & Eagles Preview

by Donald Hanson • December 10, 2011 • Sports & LeisureComments (0)1438

Despite their worse record, the Giants still control their own destiny while the Jets have to depend on some luck if they want to make the playoffs

Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs Sunday 1:00 pm at the Meadowlands

The Jets (7-5) have the best record among local teams, but that isn’t going to help them make the playoffs. There are only 2 ways for them to do that. One is to win their division. The only way that will happen is with a total collapse of the New England Patriots and that is extremely unlikely. Instead, they are most likely going to need to get in as the wild card. This essentially means they have to win their last 4 games and pray to the heavens that other teams start losing as they hold no tie breakers against their competitors. It’s time for Jets fans to start watching the scoreboard.

Giants at Cowboys Sunday 8:20 pm 

Despite a mediocre .500 record, The Giants (6-6) have the best chance of any local team of making the playoffs. A second win over Dallas tomorrow and winning 3 of their last four games will get them there. Making the playoffs is all in their own hands.

Eagles @ Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:00 pm

The Eagles (4-8) continue to finish up their lost cause season on Sunday in Miami.

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