Boom Burger, Rochelle Park – Review

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Pat LaFrieda’s done it again! Last year we got to try the LaFrieda hamburger blend at the excellent Bucu Burger Bar in Paramus.  Now, Boom Burger has opened in Rochelle Park with more LaFrieda deliciousness. This restaurant and bar is very conveniently located across Passaic Street from the Garden State Plaza and right off the Route 208 exit on the Parkway. No need to eat in the food court anymore with Boom across the street, Garden State Plaza shoppers!

The burgers are all made grilled the same way, no asking for rare or well done.  All our burgers came out lightly pink and super-tender.  Everything we had was really good but, trust us, you go for the burgers.  The burger you see above is the Bacon Double Boom.  For $9 you get two patties of a a custom blend of brisket, chuck and short ribs along with  two slices of cheese and two layers of excellent bacon along with Boom sauce on a grill-toasted bun.  Boom sauce tasted like higher-quality Special Sauce with a mustard-y twist. We asked for more Boom sauce on the side and dipped their EXCELLENT fries in it.  It was creamy and better seasoned than the clown’s sauce and our waiter, Raj, said that this sauce is made with all natural ingredients you can pronounce.

I mentioned the fries before and you must try them.  We had the regular fries and the sweet potato fries.

Both types of fries are double fried and perfectly salty. The original fries were great and I’m pretty sure the sweet potato fries were the best I’ve ever had.  It’s hard to get sweet potatoes to be really crispy.  Especially when they’re shoe-string sized.  Boom Burger got these just right.

We tried two other burgers besides the Bacon Double Boom.  The Philly Cheese Burger came with caramelized onions, sauteed green peppers and American cheese.

It was so good I could have ordered a whole other burger and eaten it right there. At just $6, I could have ordered another one and not broken the budget for the evening, either. There were just the right amount of veggies and the burger was the perfect size for the bun.  I hate when burgers are way bigger than the bun because it makes eating it so much more messy.  Really nice big pickle slices came on the side and were a nice cool and crunchy compliment to the heat of the burger.

New Jersey folks as we are we couldn’t pass up the Breakfast Burger.  It came with Taylor Ham, a fried egg and American cheese.  The combination of flavors work very well.  The egg was cooked perfectly–tender but not overly runny.

We couldn’t pass up trying the “Best Chicken Fingers Ever!” While I found them a little too greasy and had too much breading, the other two diners thought they were excellent.  They liked the crispy coating and very tender chicken.  Maybe I just got a bad finger! Suffice it to say that if you like really crispy chicken fingers with extra breading, you’ll probably like the Boom Burger version.

The restaurant and bar are separated by stairs and a railing and the music isn’t too loud in either area so you can mingle and chat with your fellow diners. All told, we thought this would be a fine place to bring children for a meal or bring a date and have a few drinks afterward. We really liked the look of the lounge area of the bar.

The restaurant area had a less chic feel but still very comfortable.

 Check out all the pictures from our dinner at Boom Burger including a picture of the menu (because we couldn’t find a menu online anywhere):

Boom Burger

375 West Passaic Street, Rochelle Park


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