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Update: We’ve heard that Cafe Mavi has closed this location.  What a shame!

We’ve been to Café Mavi a few times before and we went back while shopping in Summit recently. Each time we’ve been there, we’ve always had a nice light meal and the service is always very attentive.  There are many options for more substantial dinners in Summit but we like Café Mavi because they’re reasonably priced and casual.

A convenient stop for morning commuters since they’re right across the street from Summit Train Station, they have a great coffee and tea bar.  They have lots of breakfast rolls, bagels and muffins to choose from as well as heartier fare like omelettes and meal combos.  They are so popular, in fact, that they also run a breakfast stand inside the train station with a small selection of grab-and-go breakfast and coffee items.

Our most recent trip was for lunch and three of us had different sandwiches from their lunch menu. Pictured below is the Cuban sandwich which came with a nice slab of grilled ham, roast pork and swiss cheese.  Most of their sandwiches come on what they call Mavi bread which is a kind of cross between chabatta and pita bread.  I get Cuban sandwiches a lot and this spin on the classic pressed sandwich is a nice interpretation made as a lighter, less stuffed sandwich.

We also tried the Herbed Chicken sandwich which also came on the Mavi bread and had sliced chicken breast, tomato and roasted peppers.  The chicken wasn’t overly herbaceous but did have a nice fresh flavor.

Finally, we ordered a Grilled Eggplant sandwich which included portabella mushrooms, roasted peppers and slices of fresh mozzarella with the eggplant slices.  We loved all the sandwiches we sampled for lunch during our latest visit as we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve ordered in past visits.

Their dinner menu is shared with a less-casual dining space they call the Kebab & Meze House which is in a room away from the corner of the building where their famous breakfast is served. On previous dinner trips, we’ve tried some of the soups they have on a rotating schedule and have really enjoyed their lentil soup especially. This lentil soup isn’t the bland creamy soup you’ve had other places.  This version is spicy and has lots of character.

They were out of hummus the day we went for lunch but that’s something that we’ve also enjoyed before here.  It comes room temperature which is kind of a thing I look for.  I don’t like when hummus comes ice cold and tastes like it’s been sitting around in a refrigerator for a while.  Obviously, I know that they aren’t making hummus fresh for me each time but I like the touch of letting it be extra creamy and easy to dip your pita triangles into when it’s come up to temp a little bit.

Their dinner menu is decidedly Mediterranean in flavor and boasts delicious kabobs as well as several seafood entrees.  The kabobs are the star of the dinner menu with almost any kind of meat you can imagine along with some combinations of different meats to satisfy whatever craving you’re having.

So, when you’re in Summit to shop at all the great independent shops and are looking for a light lunch or breakfast, we recommend trying out Café Mavi.

Check out all our pictures from the most recent visit to Café Mavi:

Café Mavi

50 Maple Street, Summit

Phone: 908 522 105


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