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There has been a lot of discussion (occasionally loud) between your YDKJ editors about what a post about the top articles in 2011 should include and what it should look like.  Therefore, we will be presenting two separate articles:  one with our favorite posts of the year and the other with the top ten most read articles in 2011.  So, on to our favorite posts of last year!


One of my favorite posts is actually a 2 part pair of posts. The Halloween costume posts : Halloween Costumes Part I – Chiller Theatre – Parsippany NJ – Photo Gallery and the Halloween Costumes Part II – Cosplay at the 2011 New York Comic Con – Photo Gallery. I loved the creativity and enthusiasm of the people who designed them. As a photographer, it was a real challenge to take the pictures. It is a fast moving situation where you only have a couple seconds to take each picture. It may seem simple to take pictures of people wearing costumes, but you have to think about a whole bunch of factors including angle, exposure, flash on or off and how much, horizontal or vertical, what makes a good background and what will be distracting among many others. I am very happy with how the pictures turned out.

Who doesn’t like time- lapse video? I have done a few of them and one of my favorites was called Time Lapse Video – Snow Shoveling. I had to set the camera down on a miniature tripod in three different places as I shoveled a driveway, a sidewalk around a corner and a front walk and steps up to a porch. I think it’s one of my better time-lapse videos.

My final favorite post is NY Fashion Exec Sues for $2 Million After Working in Unstylish New Jersey Caused Him Anguish & Depression. There is no lack of ridiculous news articles out there and this one was a doozy. A fashion executive sent to work in New Jersey thought that it was so horrible that he was owed $2 million dollars for it. There are no words to address that kind of claim but somehow I came up with some in my commentary anyway.




My favorite post of 2011 was “The Front Bottoms Are About to Come Up Big”.  I discovered this band when looking up local musicians for another article.  I found their “Maps” video on YouTube and was immediately hooked. Hadn’t heard something that fresh in a while.  Lyrics with heart and angst, great acoustic guitar, powerful drumming. They were even awesome enough to answer the questions I e-mailed them.  I met them a few weeks later at a show and they are really nice guys.  Buy their debut.  Easily my favorite album of the year (sorry Fleet Foxes..you’re second).

I also take pride in my “Walk To End Alzheimer’s – New Jersey Cares” post.  I am still dealing with my father’s death in some ways and writing this piece was cathartic.  I e-mailed some wonderful people at the New Jersey chapter who were more than kind to send information for the piece.  Alice and I walked in the cold, driving rain in Jersey City with other families that have been affected by this disease.

Finally I had some fun on April Fool’s Day in a post entitled “Parkway Sues You Don’t Know Jersey Over Logo”.  Not a real piece per se but still a favorite.  I got a lot of readers and Facebook fans.  Not sure how I’m gonna top this one!


My favorite posts have been the quirky news stories from around New Jersey.  The first (these are in no particular order) was the ‘Wanna Buy a Lighthouse?’ story from July 17th.  Occassionally, the GSA puts lighthouses up for sale when they can’t maintain them anymore and there were three for sale in NJ waters this year.  It was fun researching the different lighthouses and also dreaming about what I’d do if I bought one.

My next favorite was ‘Garlic Harvested – Take That Vampires!’ also from July.  It was REALLY hot the day we harvested the organic garlic but it was still fun and it was something I’d been wanting to do for some time.  It made me appreciate all the hard work that the farm workers put in every day to put food on our tables.

Finally, my favorite title was a piece written in April, ‘475,321 Pieces of Garbage Cleaned from Jersey Shore in 2010 – Snooki Not One of Them.’  It wasn’t necessarily my best-written article but I loved making up that title.  And, our Facebook readers liked it too.  I remember seeing the original piece from NJ.com and knowing exactly what my title would be.  And, the article leapt off the page after that.

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