New Smashburger Open in East Hanover – We Try Some New Menu Items

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Smashburger can invite us to all their new store openings and we’ll gladly drive to the ends of New Jersey to have one more Smashburger meal.  This week, we went to East Hanover to try out some things that we haven’t had from the menu yet.

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing.

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you know that we LOVE Smashburger.  It was the only burger that all three of us included in our Editors’ Roundtable review of our favorite burgers. We considered making a YouTube video for a burger-a-week contest. And, we named the opening of a Smashburger in Paramus an official “Thing We Like.”  So, yeah, we’re fans.

East Hanover’s New Smashburger


When we went to East Hanover, we thought we’d order outside the box and not get our “usuals.”  We tried a chicken sandwich, some hot dogs and the regular fries (because I usually get the sweet potato fries).

I could stare at this beauty all day.

The hot dogs were very good.  Called the NJ Dog above, they use Newark’s own Best Beef brand which was nicely spiced and had a satisfying snap.  Ours came with sauerkraut and mustard.   The dog is served on a nice poppyseed bun.  Even though this is a hamburger joint they didn’t cut any corners here.

If you have to go chicken instead of beef, SmashChicken is definitely how to do it.

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich is a grilled (and smashed) chicken breast that is extremely tender and very well seasoned.  The blue cheese was nice and melty but I thought there was a little bit too much hot sauce but I don’t like a whole lot of sauce, generally, so for most people it’s probably a normal amount.  The regular egg buns are nice and soft and very flavorful.  I also really like the multi-grain buns and Ed really likes the onion bun.  We noticed that they have a new chipotle bun that we’d love to try but it wasn’t on the shortened preview menu the night we visited.  We definitely need to go back for that spicy bun.

Check out all our pictures from the new Smashburger in East Hanover:

Smashburger, East Hanover

368 State Route 10 West

(and many other NJ locations)


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