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We were shopping downtown Maplewood recently and stopped in at Cactus Charly for a lunch. We found really good TexMex food and a very friendly staff which made for a really lovely break from all our walking and shopping.

I’m a sucker for Enchiladas Verdes and Cactus Charly made them just right. I skipped the rice and got double refried beans as my side. Look at that nice browned cheese on top.  Yum!  The chicken was moist and the enchiladas came with plenty of sauce which I really appreciate.  Sometimes, enchiladas can arrive nearly dry with very little spicy sauce left on the plate.  Not these!

These rest of our dishes were equally pleasing.

My fellow diners tried the chicken burrito and fish tacos.  The burrito had really fresh ingredients and arrived piping hot at the table.  Again the chicken was very moist and the rest of the burrito stuffing wasn’t so plentiful that it drowned out the delicious chicken.

The fish tacos were amazing and smelled really good even from across the table. Nice hot fish with the cool lettuce, onion and cilantro on top of homemade tortillas.  If the enchiladas hadn’t been really good, I would have been jealous.

Notice in all three of our dishes what a nice little salad you get, too.  Usually that little pile of lettuce is an afterthought and only about two bites worth.  Here you get a well-composed salad with big cucumber and tomato slices.  Very nice!

If you find yourself in Maplewood and feel like some TexMex, we recommend you check out Cactus Charly.

Check out all our pictures from our lunch in Maplewood’s Cactus Charly:

Cactus Charly

6 Highland Place, Maplewood


Open Sunday – Thursday: 11:00am to 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 11:00am to 11:00pm


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