Mega Millions Reaches $540 Million, a Record Jackpot for New Jersey – Thanks to Powerball?

by Donald Hanson • March 29, 2012 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1523


The Mega Million jackpot for this Friday has now reached $540 Million Dollars.

I’m wondering if Mega Millions should be thanking Powerball for the added business. It’s too early to tell since Powerball was raised from $1 to $2 just a couple months ago, but I think a lot of would-be Powerball buyers are switching that ticket to Mega Millions when they find out they can get twice as many tickets for the money. It could also be a result of the bad economy but that’s been getting worse for a long time now and this seems to have happened all of a sudden. I suspect that in the coming months the Mega Millions will rise faster than it used to as a direct result of Powerball’s price increase.

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