Recipe: Fruit Pizza, Hold the Pepperoni

by Alice Magdziak • March 12, 2012 • Food, Various and SundryComments (0)1594

I love summer fruit so much that I gorge on it at the end of the season.  So, for most of the winter I don’t eat a ton of fruit because it’s not in season and not as good.  However, once February and March come rolling in, I start to crave the sweet stuff so I start dabbling in fruity desserts that can be made with fruit that’s pretty readily available all year.

In my family, this is called fruit pizza.  It was made at my aunt’s house, originally, and we loved it so much that we got the recipe and brought it back home with us.  It’s super easy to prepare and extremely delicious despite using some commonly available winter-time fruits.

Click on the more link to see how to make it.  Hey, you could even make it with all green fruit for a St. Patty’s Day dessert!

Here are the things you’ll need to make it:

One tube of sugar cookie dough (or you could make a homemade batch, but the premade dough is easiest)

One brick of cream cheese, softened to room temp (I use reduced fat)

1/4 c white sugar



Yep, there are four ingredients, basically.

First, spread out the tube of dough in a greased cake pan.  I used a 12×12 cake pan for my fruit pizza this time but you can use almost any shape you want. Bake according to the package’s instruction until cookie “crust” is lightly golden.  Let cool and either keep in the pan or remove (up to you).

Once the cookie crust is cooled, mix the softened cream cheese and sugar to make the “sauce.” Spread evenly over the crust.

Finally, slice whatever fruit you like or whatever looks good in the store that day.  For my dessert today, I chose canned mandarin oranges, strawberries, kiwi and halved grapes.  Normally, I’d add blueberries or blackberries for a colorful pop of blue among the red, orange and green but those berries were VERY expensive this week so I skipped them.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is using thawed frozen fruit.  The fruit will be so watery that it will soak the crust and make it really soggy.  You must use fresh or canned fruit that’s well-drained.  If you’re in a total pinch, you could even drain a can of fruit cocktail and just throw it all on there.

Whatever fruit you feel like trying, you should try making fruit pizza one night for a teeny taste of the summer that’s just around the corner.



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