Signs of New Jersey – Happy Trees

by Donald Hanson • March 11, 2012 • Signs of New JerseyComments (0)1244

 I really don’t know what these people were thinking naming their company ‘Happy Trees’

I can see if you sell trees to people to plant in their yard or if you are a landscaper but a tree cutting and removal service just doesn’t make any sense. I’m not sure the trees want to be removed or if they are very happy during the grinding of their stumps. Then there’s the message on the bottom that says ‘Think Good Thoughts’ with 2 smiley faces with their eyes looking up. What does that even mean? After committing the violent and destructive act of cutting trees down, they are telling you to think good thoughts. Do they give you a pill for that? Or are they telling the trees to think good thoughts after they kill them? Either way, this is strangest and most confusing promotions for a business that I have ever seen.

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