Farm Day at Good Hand Farm in Andover

by Alice Magdziak • April 29, 2012 • Food, Green Jersey, SussexComments (0)2271

If you’re a summer reader of YDKJ, you know that we are part of an organic CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Part of being in the CSA means that you must volunteer a certain number of hours preparing the food. Last year, we took you with us as we harvested garlic. This year, we chose a cooler and less taxing chore: cutting seed potatoes.

Andover is a small town off the 206 in Sussex County. It’s surrounded by farmland and it’s beautiful country.  We had a really nice afternoon of 55-60 degrees and sunny skies to look out onto the farms and watch the scenes from the barn as we cut our potatoes.

We were given about eight bins total and there were four people doing our job.  The farm had many different kinds of potatoes that will be growing throughout the season but the earlier spring potatoes were the ones we were cutting up for planting.

Potatoes waiting to be cut

Potatoes are the main thing that won me over to organic vegetables so I was excited to be doing this particular job!  Organic potatoes seem softer and more flavorful.  Maybe pesticides make potatoes work harder against the chemicals so they’re tough?  I certainly don’t know since we can’t ask a potato how it feels. But, my anthropomorphizing of the potato and thinking about how it feels is that it’s softer because it has an easier growing period.

Cutting in process

Here’s a gallery of all our potato pictures.  We’re only about six or seven weeks away from the first spring veggies.  We can’t wait!!

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