#JerseyJealousy – Mayor Cory Booker Takes on D.L. Hughley on Twitter

by Ed Magdziak • April 30, 2012 • Jersey Folk, Jersey WarsComments (0)2154

 Last night a bit of a Twitter feud erupted between actor D.L. Hughley and Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

Hughley initially tweeted: Whew!! Just landed in the U.S.from Qatar! Glad I made it back safely! But I landed in Newark so u was probably safer there!

Well as you can imagine it didn’t take long for Booker to fire back: NO DL! U didn’t just dis Nwk!

Hughley responded: wassup HERO?

But it didn’t end just there.  Booker also added: Thats just wrong. Beating up on a city working hard & making progress just for a cheap twitter joke, your better than that.

Shortly after Booker, a high profile Twitter user, created the hashtag #JerseyJealousy.  That’s right.  He took it statewide.  In under an hour the hashtag took off with hundreds of tweets with people, YDKJ included, coming to the defense of our great state.  People names actors, events, writers and poets, towns, and of course food.  We stood up for New Jersey.

Consider this a warning.  You make fun of us on Twitter, you better watch out.  Nobody messes with Jersey!


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