Mazzi Dogz & Cafe, West Orange – Review Revisited [CLOSED]

by Alice Magdziak • April 22, 2012 • Essex, Food, Hot Dog TourComments (0)1692

Sometimes nothing will satisfy like a good old NJ hot dog.  And, Mazzi Dogz sure had some good ones when we visited on our Third Annual Hot Dog Tour last summer. Earlier this week, we took a ride over to West Orange because we had a taste for the dogs and because we remembered that their menu had more that we wanted to explore.  And we were introduced to our new favorite sandwich!

Vinny, the owner of Mazzi Dogz, told us that this is now the most asked for sandwich on his menu.  We’ll definitely be asking for it again!  If you love tortas then you’ll also love this sandwich. Made on a roll that tastes and feels like that crispy light bread that the traditional torta has, this is a giant sandwich that comes with roasted pork, fresh mozzarella, red onions, a homemade cilantro sauce along with fresh cilantro and some Sriracha for a kick at the end of each bite.  Seriously guys, you should go to Mazzi Dogz tonight for this sandwich.

Not only did we try The Mexican, we went for a few more non-weiner items like burgers and tacos.  All delicious!

The taco basket came with three crunchy (or soft, your choice) tacos filled with saucy ground beef, cheese and tons of fresh veggies.  Yum!  I could go back right now and polish off three more of these babies.

Our last new item of the meal was a bacon cheeseburger.  All the burgers come on toasted fresh rolls that are amazing. You can just tell by looking at that picture that it’s an amazing burger.  Cooked perfectly with chopped bacon which makes it MUCH easier to bite. Why aren’t other restaurants doing this?

Have we whetted your appetite for Mazzi Dogz yet?  We can’t wait to go back again!

Here are all the pics from our visit:

Mazzi Dogz and Cafe

555 Valley Road, West Orange


Monday-Sunday 11am-8p


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