Bongiovi Pasta Sauces Aren’t Your Momma’s Sauce… They’re Jon Bon Jovi’s Dad’s Sauces!

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YDKJ has a friend named Suzy who is the biggest Bon Jovi fan we know.  And, since we live in New Jersey that’s certainly saying something!  Well, it happens that Suzy lives in Chicago so she doesn’t have easy access to all the great things that New Jersey has to offer… like Bongiovi Pasta Sauces.

We felt silly hearing about this New Jersey-related product from a Chicago native but it was all worth it once we got our hands on these sauces.

Suzy was in town for Bon Jovi’s evening at The Bamboozle this May 20th and she asked if she could go to a Saker ShopRite to get some bottles of sauce.  After looking up where those were, we found that there was one in Woodbridge which wasn’t too far away.  So, a quick trip to Woodbridge and we were in possession of all three flavors of Bongiovi sauces:  Marinara, Garden Style and Arrabbiata.

Once we devised a way to heat up all three sauces and keep track of which sauces were which, we got cooking.

We cooked up some penne and bought a multi-grain loaf of Italian bread so we had two different vehicles for the sauces and then we got to tasting.

All three sauces are excellent, honestly. My favorite was the Arrabbiata, Ed liked the Marinara the best and Suzy loved the Garden Style.  So, we encourage you to try all of them.

The Marinara has a nice bold burgundy wine taste and wasn’t too chunky.  Marinara, in our opinions, should be pretty smooth for dipping and blending in with other foods. It would be good on pasta as well as in a lasagna or casserole.

The Garden Style sauce had the chunks that you’d expect in a veggie-packed variety.  It had a very bold pepper and onion taste which was surprising for a bottled sauce.  All three of us discussed the freshness of this sauce as one of its main selling points.  It tasted just like a fresh sauce you’d make in the summer when all those wonderful summer tomatoes and garden vegetables are at the peak of flavor.

The Arrabbiata was slightly chunky but mostly smooth and had a wonderful little bit of heat right at the end of each bite.  I thought it would be really good in a chicken or eggplant parmesan or anything else with a blander base that could use some pepping up.  I ate the most of this sauce because it ended up being my favorite and I still wasn’t begging for relief from chili pepper heat by the end of the meal so I wouldn’t say it’s too hot for anyone’s taste.

You can order the sauces online but why not drive to any of the following towns and stop in at a Saker ShopRite: Aberdeen, Belmar, Bordentown, Boundbrook, Branchburg, Bricktown, East Brunswick, East Windsor, Edison, Ernston Rd, Ewing, Freehold, Hamilton, Hamilton Square, Hazlet, Lakewood, Marlboro, Mercer, Middletown, Montgomery, Neptune, North Brunswick, Pennington, Piscataway, Route 37-Toms River, Somerville, Wall, West Long Branch and Woodbridge.  If the Woodbridge ShopRite is any indication, you’ll have a really nice shopping experience.  Wow, that was a big ShopRite!

Here are all of the pictures from our Bongiovi Pasta Sauce tasting:


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