It’s our 2 Year Anniversary – Here are our Top 10 Greatest Hits

by Donald Hanson • May 2, 2012 • Editors' RoundtableComments (0)2242

Here our our top 10 most viewed posts ever counting down from #10 too #1:

#10. Garden State Parkway vs. New Jersey Turnpike

Our breakdown of which road is better received a lot of attention and a lot of votes. Go read the article and vote for which road you like better if you haven’t already.

#9. Nuclear Reactors in New Jersey

Following the Nuclear Reactor incident in Japan, people were interested in knowing where the ones in New Jersey are located in case there is a similar safety issue here.

#8. Subjective Map of New Jersey – Accurate, Funny or Offensive

Maps are always popular and this one was a humorous attempt at generalizing who lives in certain parts of New Jersey.

#7. The Walking Dead and The Mist – Similarities and Coincidences

The Zombie TV Show and Stephen King movie had some striking similarities.

#6. Holy Newark Batman

Newark was chosen as a location for the filming of the new Batman film and residents flocked there to get a peek at the celebrities.

#5. Jersey Shore Nude Beach – Gunnison – National Nude Recreation Week – July 4-10, 2011

Everybody wants to see nude people and you can at the Jersey Shore. Simply go to Sandy Hook and find Gunnison Beach

#4. Passaic River Flooding – River will be cresting tonight in Little Falls and Pinebrook

Extreme flooding in New Jersey is of interest to a lot of people since their homes may be in danger and they need to figure out if the roads they take to work will be open or not.

#3.Boom Burger, Rochelle Park Review

Our review of the new Restaurant/Sports Bar/Lounge was very popular.

#2. State of New Jersey to Switch Over to Self-Serve Gas Stations

Coming in 2nd is our April Fools Day joke post that proved to be extremely effective. I guess because it was so believable.

#1. AMC Dine-In Theaters – Dinner at a Movie

AMC Dine-In Theaters Opening in Menlo Park

Our number 1 most viewed post was about a new kind of movie theatre, at least for our area where you get served food while watching a movie. There are 2 versions and the more upscale one includes ridiculously comfortable lounge seats that fold out so you can basically lie down with the food on a tray in front of you. Simply an amazing way to watch a movie!

There you have it, the most popular posts of our first two years. You keep reading and we’ll keep writing!


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