The Fourth Annual YDKJ Hot Dog Tour – River View East, Elmwood Park

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It’s that time of the year again.  The Fourth Annual You Don’t Know Jersey Hot Dog Tour has begun!

Each year we try to check out some new hot dog places around the state and we also revisit the ones that have become our favorites.

The first stop this year was River View East in Elmwood Park.

The hot dogs were grilled and the chili was not too spicy and a little cinnamon-y.  It had that classic brown, almost gravy-like texture and look.  I love this kind of chili.  The red onion relish was also very good. Fresh and kicky with lots of big onions.

Now, one cannot live on hot dogs alone so we also had a BLT, fries and onion rings.  All of these items were outstanding.

There was a TON of bacon in this sandwich!  And it was nice thick bacon, too.  Fresh lettuce and tomato were crisp and cold.  River View East doesn’t just excel in the Texas Weiner category, all the food we ate and everything we saw going to other customers looked amazing.

The fries and onion rings arrived piping hot and were really crispy and good.  The onion rings had lots of breading and didn’t completely fall apart when you took the first bite.  The fries were very similar to Micky D’s fries so you can’t go wrong there.

They also have wraps, salads, rotisserie chicken and hot and cold entrees on the menu.  The breakfast that we saw people getting also looked really good.  River View East is a treasure by the river.  You should check them out whenever you’re in the area!

River View East

455 River Drive, Elmwood Park

(201) 797-9258

Monday–Friday: 8am to 10pm

Saturday: 10am to 10pm

Sunday: 11am to 8pm

They’re on Yelp but I couldn’t find a website for them.


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