YDKJ Heatwave Cookie Experiment

by Ed Magdziak • July 7, 2012 • Food, Various and SundryComments (4)3760

When we heard today was going to be one of the hottest days of the year we decided to see just how hot it would get.  Almost a year ago to the day, our first experiment was seeing how fast an ice cube would melt on the pavement in extreme heat.  Pretty fast.  The next logical test?  The chocolate chip cookie experiment.

The Oven

The oven; our old 2001 Mercury Sable.  The cookie dough: Shop Rite Break ‘n Bake.  Standard cookie sheet.  The time 11:29 AM.

Cookie on the sheet and ready for the “oven”

After just under half an hour in the hot car the dough is already showing signs of baking.

Already starting to take cookie form!

But after this, the baking slowed down.  We checked on it another half hour later with little difference.  We had a few errands to run so we let the slow baking continue.  When we returned four hours later the cookies had pretty much run their course.

About as baked as they’re going to get

The final product is below.  The cookies were hard on the top and mostly baked but not 100%.  The bottoms were quite mushy.


Cookie Bottoms

Final verdict?  It was hot.  But not that hot.  What should next year’s experiment be?


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4 Responses to YDKJ Heatwave Cookie Experiment

  1. JerseyDog says:

    Try putting one of those folding silver sunshields behind the cookie sheet so it reflects onto the cookies – might work better!

  2. actinlikeicare says:

    So I love this website…. I check in weekly.. Judging from the pictures in this series, I live in the same APT./Condo complex that this experiment was done… That was kinda cool…

  3. You Don't Know Jersey says:

    That is a good suggestion JerseyDog! We have one of those.

  4. You Don't Know Jersey says:

    Well it is a small world, err state, after all actlikeicare! 🙂

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