Week One Results for New Jersey Olympians

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We’re more than halfway through with the Olympics and New Jersey athletes are still rolling along in their events.

We’ve gotten three gold medals, three silver medals and two bronze medals so far. We’re also due for another gold or silver depending on the outcome of the Women’s Soccer finals.  Yay!

Rebecca Soni is New Jersey’s golden girl.  She won a medal in every event she entered!  She ended her 2012 Olympics with two World Records, two gold medals and one silver.  Her two golds are from a world record swim in the 200m breaststroke on August 2nd and ANOTHER world record swim in the 4x100m medley on August 4th.  She got her silver in the 100m Breaststroke on July 30th.

If Soni is our golden girl, then Cullen Jones is New Jersey’s golden boy!  He medaled in three of the four events he was entered in and came out of the 2012 Olympics with a medal count of one gold and two silvers.  His gold medal came on August 4th as part of the 4x100m medley.  His two silver medals are from the 50m freestyle on August 3rd and as part of the 4x100m Freestyle relay team on July 30th.

Matthew Emmons got a bronze medal in the 50m three position shooting event. Awesome!  He also competed in the 10m air rifle but didn’t get through qualification round on July 30th.

Maya Lawrence won a bronze medal on the epee team on August 4th by getting one win and one tie in the finals. She lost her quest for an individual medal in fencing’s epee event.

Women’s soccer members from NJ—Christie Rampone, Carli Lloyd, Heather O’Reilly and Tobin Heath—won what’s being called the most exciting game of soccer in Olympics history against Canada on August 6th and will play Japan on the 9th for the gold medal!  Carli Lloyd scored a goal in the first two games and the other NJ players haven’t scored yet but have all had important roles in each of their wins so far.

Asjha Jones and the women’s basketball team are preparing to play Australia in the semifinals on August 9th.

110m hurdler, Jeff Porter, placed third in his qualifying heat today and will compete on August 8th in the semifinals.

Wrestler Jordan Burroughs competes on August 10th in the freestyle 74kg weight class.

Unfortunately, for some of the New Jerseyans, their Olympic dreams are through for 2012.

1500m freestyle swimmer, Connor Jaeger, placed sixth in the finals on August 4th but got a very nice moment in the spotlight as the announcers discussed his very bright future in swimming during the finals.  Steven Gluckstein failed to qualify for the finals in the trampoline on August 3rd. Sabre fencer, Dagmara Wozniak lost a very close match in the quarterfinals on August 1st.  Tennis player, Christina McHale, lost in the first round to Ana Ivanovic.  Steve Kasprzyk helped his men’s eights team row to a fourth place finish. The women’s field hockey team members, Michelle Vittese and Rachel Dawson, ended their pool games ranked last in their group and were eliminated after their last game on August 6th.

And, Nick Delpopolo, competing at the 73kg weight class in Judo, lost in repechage getting into the semifinals on July 30th.  Delpopolo made the news on August 6th for a far worse reason than just losing his chance at a medal.  It was announced that he had tested positive for marijuana use and was expelled from the games.  He posted a statement on his Facebook page later in the day explaining that he had unknowingly eaten brownies laced with pot given to him by an unnamed family member.  The family member is said to have written a letter to the Olympic Committee but once you’re expelled for positive drug results, there’s no coming back.  So, Nick vows to return to the 2016 Olympics and we bet he’ll only eat food prepared right in front of his very own eyes then.  Tough break for a guy who seemed really focused and was excited about his chances at the games.


All in all, we’ve been doing pretty well as New Jerseyans in this summer Olympics.  Keep rooting for the home team, readers, and we’re sure to rack up a few more medals!

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