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by Alice Magdziak • September 21, 2012 • Game NightComments (0)2576

We’re crazy about games.  And DICEcapades is a crazy fun game!

Can you stack six dice on top of each other within 30 seconds? Can you name as many state capitals as you roll on a die? How many rooms can you run to in sixty seconds?  Can you arm wrestle the person to your left and win?  These are some of the crazy things you do with the 133 dice and 100 cards in this game.

The board is a standard size and you can easily figure out how to move your pieces around it.  There are three colors of cards and when you’re in blue on the board you work on blue cards, red board–red cards, yellow board–yellow cards.  Not too hard, right?

The dice, though, are no joke.

There are teeny tiny dice, dice with letters, dice with pictures, dice with more than six sides.  It’s a riot just opening the box and seeing all the different types of dice!

Look at those teeny tiny dice next to the regular sized one!

And, there’s a picture of underpants on another die!

These are some card examples.  You can see that part of the game is trivia-based from the red cards.  The blue cards are activities like drawing or even things that you need to stand or move around for. And yellow cards are dice-based things.

So, DICEcapades is a mix of Boggle, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Cranium with lots of fun new things to laugh at others and embarrass yourself with added in.

Here are some of the funny things we had to add up, draw and figure out on paper:

This is the coolest die in the whole game:

If you’re a fun family or a group of friends who don’t mind looking silly in front of each other, you’ve simply got to try this game.  We’ve seen it in Target and lots of other places.  Go get it tonight for Game Night in New Jersey!

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