Pole Position Raceway – Electric Kart Racing – Jersey City NJ

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Pole Position Raceway is home to the premier indoor motorsports entertainment facility in Jersey City, NJ, just outside Manhattan. Their brand is all about authenticity, exhilaration & safety. The owners and investors are from Nascar and other elements of the racing industry.

There are only a handful of places to go for racing in New Jersey, and even less in Northern NJ. Pole Position Raceway has a beautiful roomy 80,000 square-foot 2 track facility with the fastest electric karts in the United States capable of speeds up to 45 mph!

The battery operated karts are from Italy.

I had a chance to drive one of the karts in the race. You wear a helmet and control the kart with go and stop pedals. There cars are electric so they are green and emission free so no exhaust fumes. When you hit the go pedal the power comes on quick. You get multiple laps in each race to post your best time so that you can master the handling and breaking involved in taking the turns as quickly as you can without running into the barriers on the side of the track.

After the race, you receive a printout of your stats, personal and relative to your competitors and what place you came in. There is even a gold, silver and bronze platform for the winners to take their places and receive their medals.

Outside of the tracks, you will find pool tables, video games, racing memorabilia, big screen TVs playing major sporting events, V.I.P. & conference rooms and a mezzanine overlooking the tracks and facility with a panoramic view. That is where the video was shot from.


Pole Position Raceway
New York/ Jersey City

99 Caven Point Road,
Jersey City, NJ 07305

201-333-7223 ph
201-333-1818 fx

Mon – Thurs 12pm – 10pm
Fri 12pm – 11pm
Sat 11am – Midnight
Sun 11am – 9pm

Click here to check out the website for the Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City

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