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For National Pizza Month, we thought we’d share our little secret with you.  Don’t tell anybody, OK?

The best multigrain pizza is in Haskell.  There…  it’s out.

We have a regular night with friends in Haskell and occasionally we stray but almost every time we’re there we order from Pizza One.  They have an amazingly large menu and everything we’ve ever gotten there is really delicious and well-priced.   Many moons ago, we lived in Haskell, too.  Those were in the pre-Pizza One days, though.  This place makes us want to move back up there.

Pizza One’s regular pies are good, too, but the real standout is the multigrain crust.  Most whole wheat/multigrain crusts are floppy, dry and only distract you from the toppings.  This crust is nice and crispy and actually adds to the taste of the pizza.  It’s very herbaceous and there are even little flax seeds (they look like flax anyway) in there that add to the crunch.  Seriously.  This crust is a pleasure to eat instead of just something to make pizza a little healthier.

Here’s what the bottom of the crust looks like so you can see all the little grains in there.

OK, I’m ready to drive up there tonight.

Another good thing about Pizza One is that they have such a big menu that you can be in the mood for almost anything American or Italian and you can get it.  Some other things we’ve tried are:

BBQ wings.  Not too hot but very saucy and sweet.

Hot wings are also available and just as good.

Pepperoni bites.  Lightly spicy from the pepperoni but nice and cheesy with a crispy dough.

Their cheese steaks are what Don calls the “correct” kind of cheese steak. Chopped steak and cheese with no extras.  Of course, you can ask for peppers, onions and/or mushrooms if you’re so inclined, too.

The different parmigiana sandwiches are good.  This is the chicken parm.  Lots of good quality cheese and a nice chewy roll that keeps all the fillings in the sandwich.

Ed is a big fan of the burgers at Pizza One.  This is the rodeo burger.  1/2 Angus burger, bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce.

We’ve also had the Cuban panini, various Fat sandwiches (like the Rutgers’ greasetruck creations), several kinds of wraps and calzones.  Honestly, everything we’ve had there is good.  Do yourself a favor and try Pizza One in Haskell!

Pizza One

1185 Ringwood Ave., Haskell


Open Daily 10am to 10pm

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