The Scarecrows of Cranford – Photo Essay

by Ed Magdziak • October 24, 2012 • Cities, Towns and VIllages, Events, UnionComments (0)2518

Last Thursday Alice called me while she was on her way to a friend’s house to tell me I had to grab my camera and head to Cranford. She said there are scarecrows lining the streets. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but on Saturday we visited the quaint downtown and were greeted by sidewalks lined with scarecrows of all kinds.

What we discovered was the 5th Annual Scarecrow Stroll. Cranford lines it’s downtown streets each year with scarecrows made by residents, groups, and business owners. It is a great idea to bring people to the town to discover its charm. There is also a ballot that you can pick up in participating stores to vote for your favorite scarecrows in two categories; “Scarecrows by Residents” and “Scarecrows by Businesses.” Just fill out the form and drop it in one of the specially marked orange mailboxes that are on the lamp posts along the streets. The ballot advises you could win a gift certificate just for voting.

The stroll runs through October 29th. It is a fun walk so if you are a fan of Halloween you should definitely check this out.


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