Seaside Roller Coaster Will Not Remain As Tourist Attraction

by Donald Hanson • November 29, 2012 • Cities, Towns and VIllages, Shore To PleaseComments (0)2117

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Well, it would have been cool.

About a month ago, the huge Jet Star Roller Coaster was knocked off its pier into the ocean by Hurricane Sandy. Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers recently stated that he thought it would make a “great tourist attraction”.

That idea has been scrapped however and now the town and the owners of the roller coaster are in talks to remove the structure.

It’s not everyday that you see a large roller coaster sitting in the ocean half underwater. It definitely would have been a sight to see. However, there would have been a range of problems, from stability to further decay and collapse. Plus, you know some people would swim out to it and be climbing all over it. There really would not have been a way to make it work.

Click here for more pictures of the roller coaster submerged by Sandy and the full article at Yahoo.

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