Microsoft Surface – Holiday Store – Garden State Plaza – Paramus NJ

by Donald Hanson • December 12, 2012 • Bergen, Newsy Jersey, ShoppingComments (0)2254

Microsoft has opened one of their new holiday stores in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. Unlike Apple stores, for instance, Microsoft Holiday stores carry variations on just one product, the tablet/laptop touch-screen Microsoft Surface. It’s basically Microsoft’s answer to the iPad but with a stronger push on its abilities as a laptop computer. If you go to one of the stores, you can try it out, play with it, and ask the staff any questions you need answered. Most importantly, you can’t see or buy the Surface anywhere else except Microsoft’s website. This means you can’t go to Best Buy or Target or any other store if you want to buy a Surface.

The Surface is promoted mostly in its laptop form factor to let you know that it is more interested in being a serious computer than a fun tablet like the iPad, but that it can change into a fun tablet if so desired. This is also backed up with the inclusion of Microsoft Office. You get Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. with the Surface, a rare inclusion in computer hardware. This should be taken into account when considering the purchase price as the software is expensive to purchase separately.

The design of the Surface is very well thought. There is a built in stand that flips out for laptop use and the touch cover keyboard attaches and detaches quickly. You can get a Surface with a black touch cover keypad or without it if you want to purchase a more colorful one separately. It also comes in 2 storage capacities, 32 GB or 64 GB.


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