Tips on Avoiding Getting Sick in What’s Starting to Look Like a Particularly Rough Flu Season

by Alice Magdziak • January 16, 2013 • Health & FitnessComments (0)1904

Hospitals are starting to report that on some days they are filled to capacity because of the flu season that’s just starting up.  That’s not a good sign for a few weeks and months from now when flu could be even more widespread.

Keep these tips in mind as you’re going about your day so you can avoid getting sick, too.

  • Wash your hands A LOT.  Use warm water and soap and wash for longer than it feels is necessary.  20 seconds is the recommended amount of time to keep those hands sudsy.
  • Wipe down surfaces that lots of people use before you touch them.  Carry alcohol wipes around for those grocery carts, community keyboards and the like.
  • Get a flu shot.  There’s still time to get vaccinated.  It might not keep every flu away but it will guard against most of them. Hurry, though, pharmacies are starting to run low because everyone’s heeding this advice.
  • Keep exercising throughout the winter.  Lots of people gear down their cardio for the winter because it’s harder to get out into the cold.  But, keep active helps the body ward off those germs.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep.  Your body needs to be in top shape to keep those antibodies flowing.
  • Make chicken soup and freeze it, just in case.  How many times do we have to hear this before we take it to heart?  Maybe it’s just the warm vapor of the steam helping unclog nasal passages or maybe it’s the antioxidant powers of the veggies.  Whatever it is, it makes you feel better if you do happen to get sick.

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