Just in Time for Presidents’ Day – Serve Apple Brandy that Abraham Lincoln Also Served

by Alice Magdziak • February 17, 2013 • Newsy JerseyComments (0)1469

Happy Presidents’ Day Weekend!

Not many people actually celebrate it, but we found something that’s worth celebrating because it’s presidentially linked AND it’s about New Jersey.


America’s oldest family-owned distillery is  Laird & Company.  They have been in business for 332 years!  Laird’s Applejack is fermented and distilled in Virginia and then it’s blended, aged in bourbon barrels, and bottled in Monmouth County’s Scobeyville. They bottle about a million cases every year so it should be fairly easy to find in time for a Presidential celebration.

According to current Laird & Company owners, their ancestors served George Washington Laird’s Applejack and Abraham Lincoln served Laird’s Applejack in his tavern in Springfield, Illinois.

Oldest family distillery still making apple brandy served by Abraham Lincoln | My Family Business – Yahoo! Finance.

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