Chocolate Bar Opens in Manasquan to Help Restore the Shore

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Chocolate Bar‘s newest location is at 140 Main Street on the corner of Parker Avenue in Manasquan. The coffee lounge & bakery offers a classic menu of iced drinks and fresh baked goods including muffins, cupcakes, spicy brownies, cookies and cakes. It also houses the stores award-winning truffles, gift sets, signature bars and toffee all produced onsite. The store has a little punk rock edge with a rocking soundtrack, skateboards and boomboxes scattered around and gift sets of truffles that come with classic punk pins. Pretty cool!  We overheard the owners say that they loved Manasquan and wanted to open a shop here to help the community in its rebuilding process by bringing customers to the area and dollars into the community.

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening Party we attended tonight:


The store is very modern on the outside and inside.  The building address is on Main Street but it’s around the corner on Parker when you’re looking for it.


You can see the punk rock vibe with the pins available as a gift set with truffles.  How rock and roll!


More pins for gifts.


Cool interiors.


Old school boomboxes and skateboards can be found around the store.


This is the baked good counter.  Cupcakes, peanut butter and chocolate krispy squares, cookies, brownies, even a gluten free peanut butter cookie are all found here along with their world famous truffles.




Chocolate suckers and molded goodies line the walls.  We got a chocolate mustache because how can you deny that kind of fun?


They even have a punk rock Closed sign.



These were all available for us to try out.  The Cafe con Leche chocolate was our favorite.  Milk chocolate with coffee dusted on it gave the chocolate just the right amount of acidity that is often lacking from milk chocolate but it managed to keep its bright sweetness without being overpowered by the coffee.  The dark chocolate is usually my favorite and it was good but it was no match to the perfectly paired Cafe con Leche.  Those Peanut Butter and Chocolate Krispy Treats are dreamy and a great gluten-free option.  Lots of peanut and chocolate flavor with some light crunch from the rice.  We didn’t get a chance to try the brownies yet.  I brought some home for Ed to try since he’s the brownie expert.


 There was also chocolate fondue.  I’m not sure if this will regularly be on the menu, though, or if it was special just for the Grand Opening.  I forgot to ask once I realized that I didn’t see it on the menu.  The chocolate was good but a little too sweet for my taste.  But, again, I like really dark chocolate so they’re not going to make that the one kind for everyone to try.  If you are a sweeter chocolate fan and you see it available when you stop in, you should definitely try it.

The store has all the requisite coffee drinks and plenty of seating to enjoy a drink and a goodie. So, stop in the newest Chocolate Bar in Manasquan soon!

Chocolate Bar – 140 Main Street, Manasquan

Open Monday through Sunday, 7:00am to 8:00pm

Check them out on Facebook here.


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