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Polls for Round One are closed. Round Two is underway!!

March means many things to many people. St. Patrick’s Day, the First Day of Spring and, of course, brackets. And, by brackets, we mean the First Annual YDKJ New Jersey Battle Brackets. We have scientifically chosen 32 New Jersey icons. Scientifically meaning we were sitting around a bar one night thinking them up. It will be an epic battle for first place among a lot of great New Jersey people, places and food. Which one will win the coveted crown?

YDKJ brackets

Click here to download and print a PDF of the YDKJ brackets.

So, print the brackets out. Share it with your friends. Bring it to work. Most importantly, vote!!

The High Point Division is the food and beverage division.

Taylor Ham or Pork Roll – It’s the first thing that divides us as New Jerseyans.

Cheesesteaks or Sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches? These shore treats are bound to divide people, too.

We have a lot of great produce in the Garden State but this year’s division champs are tomatoes and blueberries.

New Jersey breweries are becoming legendary. Which will win this year?


The Cape May Division is where most of the shore contenders are starting out.

There are lots and lots of our favorite shore towns but in this last twelve months, Seaside Heights stole our hearts when Hurricane Sandy ripped through it. Seaside is up against perennial favorites, The Wildwoods.

The two historical trails in New Jersey – the Coastal Heritage Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

Two fun shore rides are in this match up.

The two major performing arts centers in New Jersey round out this division.


The Asbury Park Division has all the New Jersey people in this year’s brackets.

The two male powerhouse musicians are first up in the Asbury Park division.

Our two NJ leading ladies are up next.

And, our two leading men.

Our two favorite musical Garden State ladies round out this division.


The Lambertville Division is all about geography and transportation and is SO New Jersey.

First up, the classic rivalry.

Second, how are you going to pay for that ride?

A great north-south rivalry in the third game.

Finally, two teams that you might be surprised to see here. But, both play and practice in NJ. In the same stadium even. So who’s stadium is it???

Voting starts now. First round voting ends March 21st, 8:00pm.

Second Round match ups will be announced on Friday, March 22nd. Voting will begin then and end March 26th, 8:00pm.

Third round will be announced Wednesday, March 27th and voting will end March 31st, 8:00pm.

Final Four games will be announced on April 1st and voting will end April 4th, 8:00pm.

Championship game will be announced on the 5th and voting will end on Friday, the 8th at 8:00pm when the Battle Bracket Champion will be crowned!


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