New Jersey Has the 3rd Lowest Gasoline Taxes in the Country

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When you see the high prices at the gas pump, part of that is the price of gasoline and part of it is government taxes. The total tax we pay is a combination of federal and state taxes. Federal taxes are 18.4 cents per gallon but state taxes are independently set by each state. New Jersey has the third lowest state gasoline tax in the country. As a result, the price of gas in most other parts of the country tends to be higher. Here is a map of the average prices of gas in the United States:

gasbuddy_large_SFW Click here for the interactive map and you can zoom in on your area

The list of 7 States with the lowest gasoline taxes.

Rank State State Gasoline Tax Per Gallon Total Gasoline Tax Per Gallon
1 Alaska $0.080 $0.264
2 Wyoming $0.140 $0.324
3 New Jersey $0.145 $0.329
4 South Carolina $0.168 $0.352
5 Oklahoma $0.170 $0.354
6 Missouri $0.173 $0.357
7 New Hampshire $0.196 $0.380

Source: American Petroleum Institute.

Click here for the full 7 States with the lowest Gasoline taxes from The Motley Fool website

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