Record Store Day is Saturday April 20th

by Ed Magdziak • April 17, 2013 • MusicComments (0)1513

Saturday April 2oth is Record Store Day, a day that celebrates the independent record store. Now in its sixth year, it is a great reason to dust off that turntable and get some new wax. There are tons of limited edition releases and special collector’s items available on this day. You’re going to want to hit the stores early as the good stuff tends to sell fast.

As far as I am concerned nothing beats vinyl when it comes to recorded music. Yes, many of the new releases on Record Store Day are also available on CD, even some on cassette, but the focus of the day is on vinyl. There is no comparison to opening up a new record, taking the shiny black disk out of the sleeve, and cuing it up on the turntable. I have used my turntable with a USB cord to turn records into MP3s for my iPod. There is no doubt that these files sound significantly better than CDs I have ripped or digital files I have downloaded. They do actually sound warmer and fuller.

It is important to support your local record store. Sure it is easy to browse iTunes or Amazon and with one click download some music or have a CD shipped right to your doorstep. However your best record stores are more than just shops. There are often a meeting place to discuss music with friendly, knowledgeable workers. You can meet up with fellow record enthusiasts and debate any number of music topics. You can spend an hour or two just browsing the bins for something new and different. Why not do just that this Saturday?

You can check out a list of participating New Jersey record stores here.

You can visit Record Store Day’s Facebook page here to check out all the special stuff going on.

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