The Chicken or the Egg (CHEGG), Beach Haven – Review

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May is National Hamburger Month and we found a great burger at The Chicken or the Egg (also affectionately known as CHEGG) on Long Beach Island! There are more and more signs of life returning to normal on LBI and the reopening of Beach Haven’s CHEGG is a big one.  We visited just days after they opened on April 1st and the wait was almost half an hour which for this LBI hot spot is not too bad.  But, considering that it was April and still pretty cold—not a usually busy time for shore communities—it was actually really heartening to see everyone so excited for a restaurant opening.

One of the main things they are known for is their jumbo wings.  And, now we know why.  They are big and delicious!  There is actually a substantial amount of meat on each wing, unlike most skimpy offerings by other places.  CHEGG has 15 kinds of sauce to try with them. In order of heat from hot to mild they are:  Ludicrous, Obscene, Zapper, Killer Beesting, Santos, Original Hot, MediYUMMM, Garlic Spice, Jamaican Jerk, Bar-b-whew!, Beesting, Mild, Hickory BBQ, Honey BBQ and Teriyaki,

You can also get the sauces on lots of other chicken items on the menu and some non-chicken items. We tried the original hot sauce and it was as advertised.  Nice and hot with no sweetness that comes with honey or BBQ additions.  To be sure, there are plenty of hot and sweet sauces on the menu but if you’re looking for simple heat but don’t want to get blown away by their Ludicrous sauce, Original Hot is the way to go.


We went for lunch (obviously, now that we’ve seen the menu and what other people were ordering, we also need to try breakfast!) so here are the lunch offerings we tried.  First up was the Pork Burger. This burger came topped with bacon, pulled pork and cole slaw. The bacon was extra thick and crispy and the burger was a big meaty patty that was cooked perfectly to order.

We wanted to try some more chicken so we got the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich special.  Grilled chicken breast with hearty slices of ham and melted swiss.  This was a really great chicken sandwich!  The chicken was nice and moist and the ham and cheese were applied liberally enough that I could taste all the ingredients evenly.  Choice of sides included Kraft Mac and Cheese, neat!


Keeping in the chicken tradition, we also had the chicken strips but they were pretty standard.  Crispy but a little too dry, they could have used a little oomph in the spice department, too. Not a bad dish, but not as good as the chicken sandwich or burger.


  If you haven’t been to CHEGG before, you’ll see lots of cool stuff all over the walls.  We expecially loved this NJ license plate wall art, of course!


Despite the wait, the dining rooms are nice and large so there’s plenty of seating if there’s no wait outside.  Go check out their burgers for National Hamburger Month, or just have a chicken sandwich or wings anytime.  They have Wing Night specials that you should also watch out for.  Whatever you do, you should get down to LBI and give these folks some of your cash because everyone down the shore needs customers!

The Chicken or the Egg

207 North Bay Avenue, Beach Haven



Open 24 Hours a Day during the summer season.


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