Wildwood Set to Ban Saggy Pants on Boardwalk

by Ed Magdziak • June 11, 2013 • Cape May, Cities, Towns and VIllages, Newsy Jersey, Shore To PleaseComments (0)2505

Wildwood mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. has had enough of seeing London and seeing France. And of seeing your underpants. The town is set to pass a law tomorrow banning pants or shorts that sag more than 3 inches below the hips exposing underwear or skin. Fines would range from $25-$100 for a first offense and $200 for repeat offenders.

The mayor said “When you have good families who call you up and say, ‘I’ve been coming here 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and I’m not going to any longer because I’m not going to subject my children or my parents or grandparents to seeing some kid walk down the boardwalk with their butt hanging out,’ you have to do something,”

No one is suggesting we go back to the days of long dresses, parasols and suits on the boardwalks.  But would this law be a good idea or is it just plain silly?

The law would also ban going shoeless on the boardwalk and going shirtless during certain hours.


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